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Why Pursue MA in Journalism & Mass Communication from Alagappa University?

Founded by the great philanthropist and educationist, Dr RM Alagappa Chettiar, way back in the 1950s, the dream of building Alagappa University was brought to life by a Special Act of the Government of Tamil Nadu in May 1985. The objective of this Special Act was to foster research, development, and dissemination of knowledge in various branches of learning. Situated in the municipality of Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu on 440 acres of land filled with greens and lush, the campus is home to all academic activities proffered by Alagappa University. Alagappa University is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India and offers courses in different modes for the convenience of students. These modes are – regular traditional mode of learning, weekend classes, online classes, and collaborative manner.

One of the best courses that have an industry-accepted curriculum and allows nurturing students into professionals at Alagappa University is hands down MA in Journalism and Mass Communication. The program focuses on developing competent and qualified media professionals with theatrical as well as practical exposure to the media. Covering a majority of topics at the University, the journey of students from being fresher’s to graduates helps them prepare for the real world of media while covering the multiple facets of media. Here is why you should enrol yourself for the course at Alagappa University – 

Learning how to make and produce films: In addition to giving students holistic knowledge and practical experience in various facets of media, the students are also trained to become prolific filmmakers. Today, filmmakers are not just restricted to movies that are showcased in theatres, but they have taken up the whole world of cinema, television, and OTT.

Practising the art of communication through just voice – Radio has been a massive part of broadcast journalism for decades. A wide creative field with creating experiences for all sorts of audiences, radio jockeying is a widely challenging experience. You have to try to captivate audiences with your voice, humour, and ability to hold a conversation.

The oldest form of marketing - Advertising is a massive part of our lives today as it ensures that the economy is always floating. One of the most flourishing industries, advertising is something that will never get old, as every market, product, and even person requires branding and promoting in today’s day and age.

Writing for the masses – Advertising is old, sure. But the editorial is what made sure advertising was introduced. It was only when editorial started publishing way back in the 17th century that they saw the need to raise funds, which is how advertising was born. With the ads in newspapers and magazines, brands and companies increase maximum revenue to run the agency.

Maintaining the best public relations – Public relations (PR) is an extremely vast sector involving as much conviction, creativity, branding, and building the right contacts. The core job of PR is to convince the audience of something, regardless of its veracity.

Enrol yourself on the all-encompassing course of MA in Journalism and Mass Communication at Alagappa University today.

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